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CVC with slab

The construction of the Cline Visitor Center is finishedand we have now started public nights to allow everyone to explore the heavens from DSO.

The public night for tonight, Saturday, March 2, 2013. is ON! We are hoping the cloud models that predict a 7pm clearing are right!

As shown at left, the Visitor Center has a gallery where displays will introduce you to the kinds of astronomical research we do at DSO, and the instrumentation used in our work (we do not yet have these exhibits!). Guests will be able to look into the control room where the astronomers and their students control the telescope and display images acquired through its optics and CCD camera.

The Center was originally designed by Jekins-Peer (Charlotte), with additional design work done by United Engineering (Charlotte) and Harley-Ellis (Asheville).


Image at left was taken from north-west corner of the gallery area (bottom left corner in the plan above), looking toward restrooms, control room and hallway to dome. Click here for a large version (758k) of this image.
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