Dan Caton at the DSO 32-inch telescope

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Up in the Air is a column written by Dr. Dan Caton, and published monthly, on the second Monday (moved to the second Monday in May, 2015), in the SciTech section of the Charlotte Observer (and the Raleigh News and Observer), and gives information on interesting phenomena seen in the sky.

This web site is in support of that column, and will provide additional links and information about the topic discussed this month.

Further information on this month's column as published online 8/8-9/2015 and in print 8/10/2015:

A good discussion of the Perseid meteor shower is found on WikipediA. Actually, in my experience, Wikipedia is a pretty reliable source for astronomical information.

A listing of meteor showers for 2015 is given at this Stardate web page.

I have provided below a map of the sky at midnight on August 12. The radiant of the meteor shower is illustrated with typical meteor trails shown as arrows.

A link on the column at left gives a web site with information on the phases of the moon for the year.

You may email the author at catondb@appstate.edu

August 11 just before midnight